All Kids Closet in Countryside, IL

In our store, you will find a great selection of gently used children’s clothes in great condition 50-70% off retail price. We are accepting items every day during our regular business hours. No appointments necessary. Purchases are handled on a first come, first served basis. For the items accepted we offer store credit and/or a gift certification to our store.

  1. Make sure clothing has been recently laundered

  2. Save time by not bringing in any clothing with missing buttons, stains, tears,broken zippers, hem ups, cut-offs, or holes

  3. Bringing clothing in plastic bins, plastic bags or boxes.

  4. Clothing must be current from new born to 12 years

Kids look so great in stylish outfits, but who wants to pay high-end prices when clothes are outgrown so quickly?

***our inventory is CONSTANTLY changing! SHOP OFTEN!***